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How We Make Our Traditional Wood Buildings


Grade 4 redwood is used for every piece of wood in our buildings. We choose redwood because of it's reputation for weathering extremely well in the U.K climate.

Mortise & Tenon Joints

The mortise and tenon wood joint system consists of one piece of framework wood having a narrow rectangle chiseled out whilst the other piece of wood has its edges chiseled away to the same dimensions as the chiseled out rectangle in the other piece of wood. The rectangle then fits inside the cut out providing a very rigid and strong joint.

Wood Tanalising

Pressure treating wood (wood tanalising) is a preservative treatment that lasts for the lifetime of the wood. Preservative is forced into the timber under high pressure and penetrates deep into the wood. The copper content in the preservative produces a very slight green tint. The process adds no other color to the wood. A coloured stain or a paint finish can be applied by us or you.

Tongue & Groove joints

Tongue and groove panel joints are the joining together of wood paneling by cutting a groove in panel A and a tongue shape in panel B. The panels are then fitted together and the tongue (male) slots into the groove (female) resulting in a very strong wood joint.

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