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Horse stables in Sheffield, Chesterfield horse stables manufacturer.

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Welcome to our horse stables

Horse Stables Sheffield

close up of our sheffield horse stables split doors with the upper door slightly open

We are stable makers in Sheffield manufacturing our stables for the entire U.K. Our stables are extremely strong and rigid. Designed for strength and longevity no expense is spared in their design and construction. We install our stables all over Europe as well as the UK.

Horse Stables Manufacturing Details


  • Aluminium chew strips on top of lower door
  • Galvanised door furniture
  • Dividing walls clad both sides with 18mm beech faced exterior grade ECO plywood
  • Heavy duty roof shingle (choice of black, green and terracotta)



  • Soul plate bolted to concrete then walls bolted through soul plate into concrete DPC attached to underside to prevent striking damp
  • Steel rod post base inserts to preserve your base

Horse Stables Options

close up zoom of horse stables roof overhang support and right angle suppoerts

We can accommodate any options you may require for your new horse stables.

More About Our Frame Joints


  • Clear tanalised and mid oak stain dipped
  • The classic single storey Wendy house
  • The classic double storey Wendy house
  • Cery's cottage

Telephone us: 01246 268061

Horse Stables Sizes

A sectioned building that can be made to your needs.

More about our wood

Horse Stables Specification

  • 38mm x 125mm exterior cladding
  • 66mm x 44mm trusses
  • 150mm x 50mm soul plate tannalised and DPC attached underside
  • 150mm and 200mm thunderbolted to the building base
  • 100mm x 50mm ledged and braced door inlaid with 20mm boards
  • 18mm beech faced Roof exterior grade ECO plywood
  • 18mm kick boards beach faced exterior grade ECO plywood to 4 feet hight
  • Overhang supported by 125mm x 100mm posts with 125mm x 50mm hangmans diagonal supports
  • 1.8M x 900mm galvanised talking grills in dividing walls
  • Eaves: 2.1M and Ridge: 3.0M
  • Truces spaced at 600mm centres and wall studs 600mm centres

Erection & Delivery

We design, build and manufacture our horse stables for Sheffield, Chesterfield, Worksop and Derby. Thanks to our techniques and choice of materials our stables last and last.

How To Contact AB Timber Products

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Fill in our Online form and we will get in touch usually within 24 hours.

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We are specialist manufacturers and makers of stables in Sheffield, Chesterfield, Rotherham and Worksop. We hand make all our stables using traditional carpentry skills resulting in an extremely strong and rigid building made to stand the tests of time.

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